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Market Longview

It is now over three weeks since massive sell-offs pushed the world’s stock markets into a bear market. Of course this is an uncomfortable time for investors, but bear markets are a natural part of the market cycle; after a decade of rising markets, it’s easy for investors to forget this. It's also easy to [...]

Current Investment Conditions: What you need to know

This week, the sun set in Tromso, Norway and will not rise again until 15th January. Although it is not quite as dark here, the current news flow is doing little to lighten the mood. Against this backdrop, October saw the biggest stock market falls in over three years, with the index of large UK [...]

Income Strategies and Rates of Sustainable Spending

Not since the Bronze Age have borrowing costs been so low, according to a study published last month. It’s not surprising then, that investors are becoming increasingly concerned over how best to draw a reasonable level of income from their invested assets and exactly what level of income might be sustainable in the longer term. [...]

Are millennial investors facing a perfect storm?

Looking at the mismatches between expectation and reality Depressed wages, escalating living costs and a struggling global economy – millennials have a lot on their plates. They need investment income to support short and long-term financial aspirations. Does something have to give and is the perfect investment storm brewing? The Schroders Global Investor Study 2016 [...]

Retirement income – breaking the habit of a lifetime

Pensions and retirement income are synonymous with one another. The first thing most clients will think about when considering their income in retirement will be their pension. But with the new pension freedoms it isn't necessarily the first place they should turn to when deciding where to draw their retirement income from. The familiar scenario of [...]

Gilty pleasure

How diversified is your portfolio? With government bond yields close to 3%, the press is awash with comments about an inevitable collapse in bond prices. As a result, many investors have been tempted to forego exposure to government bonds (aka gilts). We would argue that such a strategy could leave you in danger of reducing [...]

The fire-eyed maid of smoky war

Here, our investment specialist Philip Bailey takes a look at the developing situation in Ukraine and considers whether this should influence investment strategy. It’s an exogenous risk, stupid There are those that suggest the primary risk to the capital markets is geopolitical. I don’t agree (1). There are lots of risks, you can list different [...]

Are Gilts riskier than equities

There has been much press comment recently with regard to the relative risk of debt (Gilts/Corporate Bonds) and equities. In this briefing note our analyst, Steve Williams addresses these concerns for our clients.