Market Longview

It is now over three weeks since massive sell-offs pushed the world’s stock markets into a bear market. Of course this is an uncomfortable time for investors, but bear markets are a natural part of the market cycle; after a decade of rising markets, it’s easy for investors to forget this. It's also easy to [...]

Coronavirus update

The last few days have produced the largest falls in stock market values since the 2008 financial crisis. UK shares have fallen by over 10% from their highs of mid January. These large falls are due to fears that the outbreak will have a significant, protracted affect on global economic growth. Whilst some slowdown is [...]

Current Investment Conditions: What you need to know

This week, the sun set in Tromso, Norway and will not rise again until 15th January. Although it is not quite as dark here, the current news flow is doing little to lighten the mood. Against this backdrop, October saw the biggest stock market falls in over three years, with the index of large UK [...]

Many Happy Returns

When we decided, nearly 10 years ago to adopt index tracking funds into our client’s portfolios, the investment industry was quite different to today. In 2007, investment processes were less precise, Margot Robbie had yet to explain what a sub prime mortgage was, and index tracking funds were only used by investors who “weren’t capable [...]

How are your finances shaping up?

Our recent advertisement on the screens at the David Lloyd fitness centre in Cambridge has got me thinking about where our priorities lie when it comes to paying for things in life. In a recent article in the Telegraph it was suggested that the cost of membership to a high end Health Club like David [...]

Smart Beta Funds – an option for investors

Our investment specialist, Philip Bailey, contributed to a recent Interactive Investor article, explaining how smart beta funds can be used in portfolio construction. Smart beta funds are a relatively new kid on the investment block and are gaining their fair share of attention because they’re quite different to the type of funds we’ve grown used [...]