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Full Cycle Investors

This week the investment committee at our asset management subsidiary - Assetfirst – sat to discuss prevailing and predicted global market conditions and the impact that they might have on our clients' portfolios. Given the ongoing market dynamism driven by the Coronavirus pandemic, we thought you might find this Q&A session to be of interest. [...]

Coronavirus update

The last few days have produced the largest falls in stock market values since the 2008 financial crisis. UK shares have fallen by over 10% from their highs of mid January. These large falls are due to fears that the outbreak will have a significant, protracted affect on global economic growth. Whilst some slowdown is [...]

Dragons Apprentice

Can you turn £100 into £1000? Pupils from secondary schools across North Herts attempted this challenge and succeeded in raising over £10,000 for fantastic causes in the local area. Organised by the North Herts Centre for Voluntary Service, the annual Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge saw teams, partnered with a nominated charity and a ‘dragon’ business advisor, [...]