The new state pension – winners & losers

The Government have replaced the old State pension system with what it argues is a simpler, single-tier pension for those reaching State pension age from 6 April 2016. The average state pension payment under the previous system was £130 a week. The full rate of New State Pension is £155.65 a week (for tax year 2016/17). Will [...]

Brexit Strategy

Investment Portfolio Planning in an Uncertain World After a lengthy negotiation process, the Brexit referendum has been set for 23rd June. As I write this, the opinion polls are giving no clear direction as to the outcome. Last week, the momentum was with the “remain” camp. However, after the emergence of Boris, things are too [...]

Andrew Whiteley: ETF Rock Star

There are tens of thousands of qualified financial planners in the UK. So how could we possibly boil that number down to just 10 “Top Advisers”? Our managing director, Andrew Whiteley, was selected as one of ETF’s “Rock Stars”. The top ten selected advisers met a criteria which shows they “focus on holistic financial advice [...]

A consultation on pensions tax relief

In a busy budget on 8 July 2015 the government announced a green paper on pension tax relief reforms. The government have asked 8 leading questions, inviting a consultation on how to make pension savings and pension contributions more attractive, to get the UK public engaged in pension saving. With a commitment by the Conservatives [...]

Section 32 buyout bonds – act now

Do you have a protected lump sum held in a Section 32 buyout bond? Do you have a paid-up pension pot that is protecting a lump sum entitlement of more than 25%? Such schemes are typically known as ‘Buy-out Bonds’ or ‘Section 32 Contracts’ and were  historically established when you left the membership of a [...]

Guaranteed income for life

What is better than guaranteed income for life? Does your pension plan provide you with an inflation proofed, guaranteed income for life? What about in death? Most defined benefit schemes will provide for a spouses pension but what then? Typically that will be the end of the line. Have you ever considered the interaction of [...]

Maintain your annual allowance and access a tax free lump sum

Maintain your annual allowance to access 25% of your pension fund as a tax free lump sum The government have announced that if pension benefits are drawn after April 2015 the current annual allowance of £40,000 (the amount of pension contribution that will benefit from tax relief) will automatically reduce to £10,000 per annum. This [...]

“Pilot Wails….” – Finance Bill limits multiple trust planning

The Finance Bill confirms that proposals to introduce a ‘settlement nil rate band’ will not go ahead. This is good news for mainstream estate planning advice using trusts with life assurance contracts and pensions. Such trusts should not now become saddled with the burden of tax compliance and reporting. For many, it will be business [...]

New Model Adviser Top 100 Adviser

We’re pleased to announce that managing director, Andrew Whitely has been named one of the New Model Adviser Top 100 Advisers for 2014. You can read Andrew’s profile here.

ISA inheritability makes ‘allowance’ for your spouse

Details have begun to emerge on how the new inheritable ISA rules will operate. And the good news is that it will be achieved by an increased ISA allowance for the surviving spouse/civil partner, rather than the actual ISA assets themselves. This means savers will not need to revisit their wills. How the rules will [...]