Implementation Fee

The initial fee to cover the cost of the risk assessment, financial planning advice, strategic asset allocation and the transfer and re-registration of assets onto the Provisio Wrap is calculated by reference to the value of assets introduced to the Provisio Wrap and is equivalent to one years annual advice fee up front. This fee will be taken directly from the Provisio Wrap platform once assets have been transferred or re-registered and any new investment cash has been applied to your account.

Annual Fees

The annual fees to cover the cost of regular review meetings, tactical asset allocation advice, portfolio rebalancing, investment bulletins and ongoing financial planning advice are based upon the total invested assets held on the Provisio ‘Wrap’ platform and are deducted monthly.

Total assets held on the provisio wrap Annual service fee as a percentage of total assets
£200,000 – £499,999 1.00%
£500,000 – £999,999 0.90%
£1,000,000 – £1,499,999 0.80%
£1,500,000 and above 0.70%

Fees for Financial Planning

Our financial planning service involves a significant amount of research and analysis of your current situation and your financial goals and the production of a detailed financial plan for the future. This plan will be revisited regularly in order to ensure that your goals are met.

As you can imagine no two financial plans are the same and therefore we quote bespoke fees for this type of work which are agreed up front and payable upon the completion of the initial financial plan. Our typical Financial Planning fees range from £1,500+VAT to £2,500+VAT.

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