Our recent advertisement on the screens at the David Lloyd fitness centre in Cambridge has got me thinking about where our priorities lie when it comes to paying for things in life.

In a recent article in the Telegraph it was suggested that the cost of membership to a high end Health Club like David Lloyd is in the region of £60 per month or £720 per annum. We are obviously willing to make a significant financial outlay to make sure our bodies are in good shape, but what about our finances?

Rather poetically £720 is also our standard fee for a comprehensive report into the state of the fitness of your pension and investment portfolio.

Recent changes to the pricing of investment funds and the sweeping alterations to UK pensions introduced by the Chancellor in the last Budget mean that now is the perfect time to make sure your portfolio is at its perfect fighting weight.

Shaving the odd pound off here and there in charges could make a significant difference to the performance of your portfolio over time and ensuring that your portfolio is perfectly balanced and not overweight in the wrong type of funds will help avoid any nasty surprises should the Greeks make a run for the exit or any Chinese bubbles burst unexpectedly!

If you would like one of our personal financial trainers to put your portfolio through its paces then please get in touch.