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Many Happy Returns

When we decided, nearly 10 years ago to adopt index tracking funds into our client’s portfolios, the investment industry was quite different to today. In 2007, investment processes were less precise, Margot Robbie had yet to explain what a sub prime mortgage was, and index tracking funds were only used [...]

Many Happy Returns2021-02-08T12:31:05+00:00

Lifetime Allowance

What could the further reduction mean to your retirement income? The Government has introduced comprehensive reforms to the pension rules over the previous few years. One important change, which may have been overlooked by some savers, is the reduction of the Lifetime Allowance that applies to pension savings. This further [...]

Lifetime Allowance2021-02-08T12:31:05+00:00

Why Choose Provisio for Portfolio Management

There are many different methodologies that can be applied to running an investment portfolio. Historically this has usually meant handing your funds over to a Discretionary Investment Manager or Stockbroker and relying on them to ensure that your funds are invested in the correct stocks and bonds for the prevailing [...]

Why Choose Provisio for Portfolio Management2021-02-08T12:31:05+00:00

Carry forward – last chance to utilise the pension allowances of three-years ago

In 2014 the then chancellor, George Osbourne announced changes to pensions, which meant that from April 2015 “no one will ever have to buy an annuity again”.  These “Pension Freedoms” have allowed individuals from age 55 much greater access to their pension pots than they have enjoyed previously and as [...]

Carry forward – last chance to utilise the pension allowances of three-years ago2021-02-08T12:31:06+00:00

♫ The Folly and the High Fees ♫

Latest study suggests trustees should revisit their investment strategies. The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) latest report suggests that the season of goodwill does not extend to the asset management industry. The “asset management market study” examines the performance of UK fund managers, shining a spotlight on fund charges, fund performance [...]

♫ The Folly and the High Fees ♫2021-02-08T12:31:06+00:00

Defining Benefit

When dealing with the pension assets of a divorcing couple received wisdom has always been that where Final Salary (Defined Benefit) pensions were up for grabs, these were the most sought after by both sides since - as the title infers - the benefits were pre-defined and therefore guaranteed to [...]

Defining Benefit2021-02-08T12:31:06+00:00

Income Strategies and Rates of Sustainable Spending

Not since the Bronze Age have borrowing costs been so low, according to a study published last month. It’s not surprising then, that investors are becoming increasingly concerned over how best to draw a reasonable level of income from their invested assets and exactly what level of income might be [...]

Income Strategies and Rates of Sustainable Spending2021-02-08T12:31:06+00:00

Are millennial investors facing a perfect storm?

Looking at the mismatches between expectation and reality Depressed wages, escalating living costs and a struggling global economy – millennials have a lot on their plates. They need investment income to support short and long-term financial aspirations. Does something have to give and is the perfect investment storm brewing? The [...]

Are millennial investors facing a perfect storm?2019-04-29T11:59:59+00:00

Dead Cat Bounce?

Quite remarkably, the index of large UK companies closed higher than its pre-Brexit level yesterday. But is this the start of a new period of stock market growth or are we merely witnessing a dead cat bounce? Of course, only time will tell but we are starting to form some [...]

Dead Cat Bounce?2021-02-08T12:31:06+00:00
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