Our Philosophy

Our service is built around the following principles which have always been an integral part of our financial planning process. We believe they bring a modern, professional approach to the accumulation, preservation and management of our clients’ wealth:

  • An unparalleled level of personal service and attention to detail.
  • Setting clear objectives established from an understanding of our clients’ long-term goals.
  • A detailed understanding of risk and how it relates to investment returns.
  • A focus on strategic and tactical asset allocation and low cost portfolio construction.
  • The use of low cost passive investment funds rather than more expensive and in our view far less efficient “actively managed” funds.
  • A clear fee-based remuneration structure.
  • The consolidation of scattered investment holdings into one appropriate strategy.
  • The use of cutting edge technology that allows our clients to see where their money is invested and how it is performing at any time.