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This week the investment committee at our asset management subsidiary – Assetfirst – held an interim meeting to discuss prevailing and predicted global market conditions and the impact that they might have on our clients’ portfolios. Given the ongoing market dynamism driven by the Coronavirus pandemic, we thought you might find this Q&A session to be of interest.

Episode six of our podcast series, hears an interim discussion from the Assetfirst investment committee. This time, Philip Bailey and Steve Williams discuss the following:-

  • Are we nearly there yet? – For now, at least, markets have stabilised. Have markets already bottomed out?
  • Economic headwinds – The lock down will produce stark economic figures in the coming months. How will markets react to this news?
  • Compelling valuations – Valuations now offer greater potential for long term growth than we have witnessed in over a decade

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We hope you find this to be of interest and if you would like to discuss any of the points raised, please contact us.