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My last market update was written shortly after the release of Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget [...]

Market update….

Kwasi Kwarteng, the new Chancellor recently announced increased spending and tax cutting measures in a [...]

Wealth Management

Personally committed. Objectively exacting. Intensively focussed on your goals. When it comes to your wealth, you require nothing less. Provisio Wealth Management gives you all this and more. Our Wealth Management service works to balance your goals for growth with your future cash flow requirements and your tolerance for investment risk.

Totally unique and bespoke to you, Provisio wealth Management brings together intelligent investment strategies and planning through our range of low-cost, multi-asset portfolios with differing levels of risk, online portfolio management with “snapshot” valuations and ongoing reviews of future cash-flow requirements. At Provisio we believe that investment and tax advice for wealthy clients must be co-ordinated. We work closely with your other advisers to deliver an integrated approach to investment management, taxation, estate planning and other relevant issues. What makes Provisio unique is that we combine these elements to offer you Total Wealth Management:

  • Ensuring your income needs are met now and in the future
  • Maximising investment growth but minimising investment risk
  • Minimising the amount of tax you pay
  • Reducing the cost of investment management

And as your financial picture evolves we will adapt your portfolio so that you are always best placed to meet head-on the inevitable changes in life, ensuring you meet your financial objectives.

Future Cash-Flow Analysis

Provisio starts with us working together with you to build up a comprehensive cash flow analysis model, one which takes into account your present and future income sources and expenditures. This model forms the basis of your financial plan and will be revisited regularly to ensure that your goals are being met. At the same time we will ask you to consider your future goals in terms of lifestyle to assess your likely income requirements.

We begin with a discussion of your immediate, future, and legacy objectives. Purchase a second residence? Provide for the education of your children or grandchildren? Retire early? Pass a family business on to the next generation? Provisio’s financial advisors place a premium on understanding your goals and your needs.
The next step is to determine whether your wealth or income is consistent with your aspirations. What are your assets and liabilities? What is your business or employment situation? What timeline are you considering? Together we will create an accurate picture of your current and future income sources.
We then utilise the latest analytical software tools to produce a detailed model of your future cash-flow. This enable us to propose an investment strategy that helps you maximize your resources. We can also calculate any shortfall in your planning and advise you on a strategy to rectify this in the most tax efficient manner. And finally, the analysis can also be used to assess the impact of catastrophes on the family finances or to calculate the most appropriate quantum of gifts for IHT planning purposes.

Risk Analysis

Whilst the cash-flow analysis will allow us to calculate the amount by which your investments need to grow to meet your goals, it does not take into account the level of investment risk that you are willing to accept. Before we can assess which investment strategy is most appropriate for you, it’s vital that we understand your “attitude” to risk.

The more willing you are to take greater levels of risk when making financial decisions means more potential gains, but with this comes greater volatility in your investments (that is, changes in their value over time, both up and down). We will help you to ascertain your risk tolerance through a sophisticated question and answer session, the results of which will then be used as a platform on which to build your portfolio. Together we will regularly review your asset allocation to determine if it meets your liquidity and income needs, risk tolerance and timeframe. We can then make intelligent recommendations on asset rebalancing, always taking into consideration your own tax situation.

Portfolio Management

With the globalisation of the world economy and the accumulation of wealth and economic power in emerging markets, investors today need to have a cost efficient way of accessing that wealth. The new sources of economic growth along with growing environmental awareness, are creating pressures on resources, from oil and water to metals and crops. Strategic asset allocation is by far the most important determinant of portfolio performance. Allocating your capital across a range of different asset classes, such as cash, fixed interest, property, equities and commodities on a truly global basis can give you a better return for less risk than investing in one asset class or geographic sector alone.

The optimum split between these asset classes depends on your personal objectives for the portfolio and your attitude to risk, therefore we have researched and designed a range of risk-graded investment portfolios for Provisio which incorporate all the main asset classes available to investors today.

What differentiates Provisio is our belief that “Passive”, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) should form the bedrock of these portfolios rather than more expensive conventional “index tracking” or “Active” managed funds. Fashions come and go with increasing speed, with the true innovations often getting lost in the heat and the noise but ETFs are an idea whose potential to enhance investment portfolio performance and simultaneously lower costs make them hard to ignore. ETFs offer near perfect market equalling returns from any given market, sector or index all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional index tracking or actively managed fund. Regular rebalancing of your portfolio along with occasional “tactical” asset allocation changes, ensures that your portfolio maintains its risk rating regardless of the performance of each of the underlying asset classes.

Online Portfolio Review

You want to keep track of your portfolio. Yet you have better things to do than decipher every detail. Provisio’s Wrap with sophisticated portfolio views gives you the best of both worlds — relevant, timely information available online 24/7.

Wrap is an online aggregation service that allows for the management of all your investments in one place, giving you instant online access to valuations and performance data across your entire portfolio.

  • A single point of entry to an extensive range of products and investments including ISAs, Unit & Investment Trusts, Equities, Onshore and Offshore Investment Bonds, Pensions and of course ETFs
  • A ‘one stop shop’ for transactions, cutting down the hassle of dealing with multiple providers and streamlining processes
  • A single view of your whole portfolio on one statement
In a fee paying environment, it doesn’t generally benefit clients for assets to be held by different institutions as fees for advice and administration will be higher. It is now possible to hold the vast majority of these assets in one place in an open architecture Wrap.This Wrap can buy and hold most worldwide investments, both retail and institutional. This in turn allows cheaper and more efficient administration by Provisio.

Asset Allocation is key and this can only be efficiently viewed, managed and administered if all assets are held under one Wrap. A consolidated investment approach across all your assets means we are able to control risk through regular rebalancing.

  • Wide range of investment options including Provisio’s scientifically designed multi-asset portfolios
  • Wide range of tax planning products to meet your changing financial needs
  • Single fee structure removing all commission bias
  • Access to institutional investment funds which can halve the cost of investing
  • Very low transaction costs enable investment decisions to be made on merit
  • Timely transactions enabling effective asset allocation

Cost Benefits

It is still the case that the vast majority of financial advisers in the UK derive the bulk of their income from commission. This means that in order for them to be remunerated in relation to the advice offered, they must sell a plan or policy to a client.

In other words their income is entirely conditional on making a sale, regardless of whether or not it is appropriate or suitable. It is our belief that this model simply does not work.

With Provisio, you pay a single annual fee for our advice which is based upon the total invested assets held on the Wrap platform. This fee covers the ongoing management and review of your financial plan and investment portfolio. At the outset, there is a one-off implementation fee equal to one year’s annual fee. This fee covers the cost of the future cash flow analysis, risk assessment, financial planning advice and the transfer and re-registration of your existing assets onto the Wrap platform.
Our extensive use of low cost ETFs in the provisio model portfolios means that fund management costs are a fraction of comparable wealth management services. Since we derive our income from the annual fee and not from commissions generated by the sale of investment funds or investment products you can be assured that the advice we give and the strategies we implement are in your best interest at all times. After all, the fee is based on the value of assets on the Wrap platform so it’s in our interest to maximise their value and your portfolio’s performance, at all times.
Where it is appropriate we may recommend insurance policies as an essential part of your wealth management strategy. We will select the most cost effective contract for the required purpose from the overall marketplace. Since this is not a requirement for all Provisio clients, it is not covered within the annual fee. Rather than charge you a separate fee for this service we will typically receive commission from the provider for arranging these contracts of insurance. Details of these commissions will be provided to you before entering into any contract of insurance.