What You Can Expect From Us

Working with a professional IFA firm can be an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for you and your family.

We will provide you with innovative bespoke financial solutions to assist you in achieving your financial goals. Our aim is to reduce the cost of investment and minimise the impact of taxation to help your money work harder for you. We will help you to avoid costly mistakes and deliver peace of mind at all times.

We usually work as part of a team and ensure that our advice dovetails with any planning which you are undertaking with your other professional advisers. All of our fee-based advisers are salaried and are therefore not incentivised by commission payments. Any fees we receive are agreed with you in writing and are usually levied directly from your investments. Since our fees are based on a percentage of your portfolio you can be certain that our interests are aligned.

All of our consultants are highly qualified experts and undertake continuous professional development to ensure that our advice to you is always accurate and current. We have particular expertise in self invested pensions, sophisticated tax planning and investment management and are acknowledged as experts in Index Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) often providing comment in the press on these innovative investment funds.

Cost benefits

We operate a transparent fee structure and where possible utilise institutional investment funds to reduce your costs. We have designed our highly sophisticated, unique investment proposition with cost in mind and we believe it offers our clients exceptional value for money.

Our close association with several accountancy firms should reassure you that our tax advice is second to none. With tax changes being introduced with alarming regularity, you can be sure that we will always be best placed to advise you on the impact of these changes on your portfolio.

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